I like to experiment with lights in combination with forms

Nume: Max Gummersbach

Ocupatie: Mechanical design engineer

Despre mine, despre proiect: I am a mechanical engineer inspired by things which where created with effort and perfection, light colors, nature phenomena used in the industrial world. I am motivated by solving tricky things, working in a team and creating something with my own hands. Because I like to experiment with lights in combination with forms, shapes and material I created Cosy Living. Also here is the nature my greatest teacher.  I hope to ignite with my ideas the creativity of others with the result, that people create a unique place they can call home.

Cosy Living offers a range of original, handmade products, simple to use in and around your home. Their simplicity allows you to adapt every product to your artistic taste and turn your home into your own piece of art. You can shape, combine or arrange Cosy Living products to your liking to obtain the cosy atmosphere you desire. Your creativity goes beyond the purchase.

Cosy Living uses only simple materials easily found at home, in the garden or any art shop.

Cosy Living invites you to ignite your creativity.
Add cosiness to your home!
Make your life more vibrant and colorful.